Hello. I am Matt. I am also known as The Cheesemaster. I own this site.

This is, the web’s number one site for pictures of cheese in different places. Since 2001 it has been exclusively on it's own domain at The website was initially part of my original website: That website doesn’t exist anymore except in a zip file on my hard drive. I looked at it recently. It’s quite good.

Some of the original images still have “” on them. I’ve lost the originals and these are the only copies I have.

The idea for cheese on tour probably came from two places:

  1. A small toy bear that my sister’s school used to give to pupils to take on holiday and photograph somewhere famous. My sister was a teacher at the school.
  2. A drunken conversation I think I may have had with Dirt Boy about what to put on a web site.

Cheese was the obvious choice for the web site as it is inherently funny. Other humorous foods include sausages, biscuits and ham but not soup.

When talking about this website people often assume I am obsessed with cheese. I am not. Although I do have a Babybel Emmental in my coat pocket that is over 3 years old. It has appeared on numerous galleries. I think it may be becoming sentient, although I do not talk to it.

Not often at any rate.

About 6 years ago I was website of the day on BBC Radio 2’s Steve Wright in the afternoon show. I have also been interviewed on several local radio stations. This is all in the past now, “amusing“ web sites like this are old news.

99.9% of the cheese facts on the site are not real. The others are dubious at best.

Incidentally, Matt B is not me. Although I am called Matt B. He is a different Matt B to me.

random cheese fact

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