cheese reporting tips
Follow these tips for successful cheese reporting...
The pictures should be of somewhere interesting and include cheese.
The cheese MUST be visible in shot and taken at the time of the photograph.
Pictures where the cheese has been (or seems to have been) digitally added will be rejected. Similarly, pictures not using real cheese will also be rejected.
Pictures can be sent in any format readable on a PC - although if I can't open it I won't add it.
The Webmaster reserves the right to alter, crop and change pictures in any way he sees fit.
Advice for the Cheese Reporter.
  • The juxtaposition of the cheese is up to the photographer, but make sure that it is visible.
  • Try to show something interesting, or funny.
  • Don't worry if the location has already been photographed, there are many variations - simply use a different cheese, a different angle, include a stranger holding the cheese... the cheese reporter's creativity is boundless.
Here's some ideas:
The CheeseOnTour Challenge -> e.g.
Scenic Pictures -> e.g.
Funny Pictures -> e.g.
Far Flung Places -> e.g.
Artistic -> e.g.
Random People -> e.g.
Famous People -> e.g.

Remember the rules.
1. Cheese must be visible in shot and taken at the time of the photograph.
2. Real cheese must be used.
random cheese fact

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